News & Information

SCNM News & Information

SCNM updates, news, information, response, etc., related to COVID-19.


COVID-19 Updates & Information by EBSCO

Comprehensive Website pulling together thousands of web pages by the U.S. Government, CDC, State and local governments and agencies, etc., with announcements, updates, news, information, maps, travel advisories, and much more. A search engine is included.


World Health Organization (WHO)

Webpage by WHO dedicated to the Coronavirus.


Handbook on COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

Link to a resource provided by the Chinese American Library Association. It is a Free Downloadable 68 page PDF book in English; other languages pending.


COVID Reference, 2nd edition, 2020

2020 2nd edition (6 April 2020), by Bernd Sebastian Kamps and Christian Hoffmann. English. Available as a Web book or a Free Downloadable PDF book.