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The SCNM Library has a lot of essential resources and services that are important to the students, faculty and physicians at SCNM. These include very unique physical materials, and even unique online resources only accessible in the Library. As part of the Library’s effort to continue to provide access to these essential library resources and services, while also helping to keep the SCNM community safe and healthy, it has implemented some guidelines and procedures for visiting the Library and obtaining resources.


The Library is accessible for individual use by appointment only between 8:00am and 5:00pm weekdays, for 15 minutes up to 3 hours. Also, there is a limit as to the number of persons permitted in the Library simultaneously at any given time, spread out in the 7 key areas of the Library. Groups may be allowed in the Library by special request and providing SCNM COVID required practices and procedures are followed.


  • COVID Practices:  Be aware of SCNM’s Policy’s & Guidelines regarding COVID, and you are expected to follow protocols accordingly:  https://my.scnm.edu/ICS/Academics   Non-compliance may result in same-day Reservation/Appointment cancellation.


Students, Faculty and Staff may set up appointment times directly through the Library:  library@scnm.edu  Please let the Library know the date, time, length and purpose of your visit so that we may prepare resources and space accordingly.


Badge access is required and may operate under limited circumstances. If you have trouble, contact Security, or the Library by phone to gain access to the building. Security may require proof of your scheduled appointment. Have phone ready with your Outlook appointment, or print your appointment confirmation.


For any Library questions or assistance, please contact the library by e-mail as the primary method of communication. Due to the library’s limited hours and staffing, the library staff is more likely to be able to respond by e-mail at most any time in the order they are received; though delays may occur. If extensive assistance by phone is necessary, scheduling an appointment during the above mentioned Library hours will be required.



Badge Required

Don't Forget Your SCNM Identification Badge

Remember, that your SCNM ID Badge is required to be on campus, to enter certain areas of the campus, and for printing.



Booking Space / Rooms on Campus

The Library Study Rooms, first and foremost, are for use when utilizing Library resources, and can be booked on an as needed basis. Occasional study use can be arranged on a limited as needed basis. They cannot be booked/scheduled for recurring appointments for the entire term; though they can be booked/scheduled for up to two consecutive weeks if necessary.


Per the e-mail of March 29th, 12:15pm, from Nancy Gripman, Academic Coordinator (n.gripman@scnm.edu), there may be times you will need to come to campus early or remain on campus for an extended period so that you can be available for your courses or clinic shifts, etc.  Please review your schedule and decide if there are any days you will need to reserve space on campus in a classroom because of time restrictions to travel and/or attend a class or clinic. If this is the case, please submit an email to Nancy with the following information:  Day and Time,  space needed. She will assign a classroom for you for the entire quarter.


For study space, the Study rooms outside of the Library, both the DDC (east wing across from library) and the Commons area (west wing) on the second floor of the Lim Commons Building, can be reserved through the Office of the Learning Specialist, Jill Drowne j.drowne@scnm.edu. Please contact her for more information and the link to the booking/scheduling calendar. You may also contact Jill for scheduling use of the Gym and Yoga rooms.



General Library Overview Video

Click here for a brief 8-minute video providing a General Overview on navigating the Library's MySCNM pages and accessing the resources found there, along with information about the Library User Account set-up, and how to find and access the Library's electronic books, databases and other resources on the Library's MySCNM pages: 


Library Orientation Document

Click on the following link for a quick and brief PowerPoint PDF document providing general information on the SCNM Library's resources, hours, physical layout, information about Library staff, contact information, many of our various services, and more:

Library Tour and General Orientation Overview



Library Account Format

The following is the standard SCNM Library Account format in order to Login to use the SCNM Library resources from home:

Username:  SCNM Email (entire SCNM Email address)

Password:  SCNM ID # + last four digits of your phone number (as one long string of numbers)
          Example:  j.doe@scnm.edu   and  xxxxx1234

Library Hours

Library Staffing and Book Room Access
Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
Not staffed Saturday, Sunday, Major Holidays
Badge into library during non-staffed building hours.
Follow building hours for closures.


Contact Information

Email: library@scnm.edu
Call: 480-222-9247
Visit: 2nd Floor Lims Commons Building

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The SCNM Library has its very own Facebook Page.



Welcome to the Facebook page of the Library of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM). This page was launched with the beginning of the Summer 2019 Quarter (8 July 2019).

We invite all members of the SCNM Community to "Like" our page, from students, faculty and physicians, to staff, Alum, and patients. The Library is here to help you succeed, whether helping you in understanding health and medicine as a student, improving your teaching knowledge, or conducting more research to better assist patients with their health needs, and more. We have a wealth of resources that can help you.

 So "Like" our page and learn about our many resources and services. We are here to help. Come by and visit, or contact us.     https://www.facebook.com/scnmlibrary/

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Testing Center & Missed Exams

It is a reality that “Life Happens while you are busy making other plans”. Medical School is no different. It is understood that outside forces may prevent you from making it to a scheduled exam. In addition to the many functions of the SCNM Library, and the various rooms and resources, the Library also has a Testing Center, which is utilized in conjunction with the Dean of Students Office, and the Accessibility Office, for those times when unforeseen events occur. As soon as possible (within 24 hours), before anything else, notify your Faculty AND the Dean of Students of your inability to attend class. This will dictate whether you will be allowed to Make-up an exam. Meanwhile, additionally, before or when an exam is missed, immediately contact your instructor and the Dean of Students, requesting to make up the exam. For any questions or clarification, please feel free to discuss or initiate the process with the Dean of Students or Library Staff.
The responsibility is upon the student to take the necessary action(s) to make-up a missed exam.
Meanwhile, please review this document of the official Procedure for arranging to make up a missed exam:  Make-Up Exam Procedure

News & Information

SCNM News & Information

SCNM updates, news, information, response, etc., related to COVID-19.


COVID-19 Updates & Information by EBSCO

Comprehensive Website pulling together thousands of web pages by the U.S. Government, CDC, State and local governments and agencies, etc., with announcements, updates, news, information, maps, travel advisories, and much more. A search engine is included.


World Health Organization (WHO)

Webpage by WHO dedicated to the Coronavirus.


Handbook on COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

Link to a resource provided by the Chinese American Library Association. It is a Free Downloadable 68 page PDF book in English; other languages pending.


COVID Reference, 2nd edition, 2020

2020 2nd edition (6 April 2020), by Bernd Sebastian Kamps and Christian Hoffmann. English. Available as a Web book or a Free Downloadable PDF book.




Library's Cleaning & Sanitizing Practices

In addition to the nightly janitorial cleaning, and frequent special cleaning by Facilities personnel during the day, the Library Staff works throughout the day to maintain a clean and very sanitized Library environment:


  • Library Staff wear masks and practice social distancing. Note ‘social distancing’ spots on the Floor.
  • The Library has seven (7) of the Deb Instant Foam Hand Sanitizer Units throughout the Library, including within the study rooms, the Copy Room, and throughout all the common spaces available for its users. There is also a Hand Sanitizer Unit directly outside the Library entrance for those entering and leaving the Library.
  • The Library makes every effort to ensure that all student spaces are wiped down throughout the day and especially after any student, faculty, staff member has used any space for study, research, printing, etc. This includes door handles, tables, chairs, copy machines, the front counter and all points of direct or face-to-face contact.
  • All possible points of contact are wiped down multiple times daily throughout the Library. This is a process that we have done on a daily basis, long before Covid-19.
  • The Library has, and will, continuously worked to control, reduce and/or eliminate points of exposure to all types of germs and viruses that might be brought into its workspace.
  • The Library is regularly stocked with disinfectant, paper towels, Kleenex, Cavicide wipes, and various other cleaning supplies for constant cleaning, sanitizing, etc.


The Library maintains a healthy and safe work environment and will continue to sanitize and disinfect its workspace to eliminate and reduce exposure.




Coronavirus: Natural Health Research Review, by Ronald Steriti, ND, PhD

  • This course describes Coronavirus 2019 and natural therapies based on published research.
  • It is brief and written for the primary care physician in a private practice setting, which is often where people seek answers and preventive therapies.



(.pdf, 376K)

Check with your instructors regarding exam times, procedures, etc.


You will be required to download and install a software program called Respondus LockDown Browser. Information regarding this software, with a link to download it, is provided by SCNM’s I.T. Department on a new MySCNM page. Click here to get to the Online Exams / LockDown Browser page; you must be logged in to MySCNM to view this page. Contact the I.T. Department for any technical assistance.