APA Style Guides

AMA Style Guides

Writing Resources

  • Purdue OWL (Purdue Online Writing Lab)- links to over 200 online writing resources and instructional material resources put together by the English Department at Purdue University to support student's and faculty writing and teaching of writing efforts.
  • Washington College Writing Center- links to resources available on the Web. Includes “Practical Advice,” “Grammar and Mechanics,” “Documentation and Research,” and a source for classic reference texts.
  • University of Richmond Writers Web - Writing advice by discipline, stages in writing process, and numerous other topics.
  • Hemingway Editor App - Free Online Writing Tool helps with Plain Language Accessibility. Helps to make your writing bold and clear, without technical confusion for the lay-person. It highlights lengthy, complex sentences, checks spelling, grammar, and common errors. It helps simplify the language so that your reader will focus on your message. Providing Clear Communication.
  • BibGuru - A website that provides Citation Guides for AMA, APA, Chicago, and more, showing how to cite any book, database, website, magazine, etc., in any style.
  • CiteThisForMe - Free online Citation Generator for most any citation style.

NLM Style Guides

  • Sample AMA References - from the NIH, examples of how to create references like PubMed.
  • International Committee of Medical Journal Editors Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly work in Medical Journals.
  • Citing Medicine Citing Medicine, 2nd edition, available for FREE on the NCBI bookshelf; each chapter a downloadable PDF. Provides assistance to authors in compiling lists of references for their publications, to editors in revising such lists, to publishers in setting reference standards for their authors and editors, and to librarians and others in formatting bibliographic citations.