Alumni Office Staff
The Alumni Office is in the Student Affairs Department, as we believe our alumni are a part of our life-long learning community. Administrative support is provided through the Alumni Relations Coordinator.
Alison Hohman

Alison Hohman is originally from Pennsylvania and moved to Arizona in 2015.  Alison brings experience and background in event planning, marketing, customer service and management from various fields including arts, entertainment, and sales. She is passionate about building relationships and being a resource to help Alumni achieve their goals.  Alison is excited about developing a plan to keep Alumni engaged and connected to the College.

Please call, email or stop by to connect with Alison and let her know what she can do for you!   

Alumni Benefits and Services 

In conjunction with the Alumni Association, the Alumni Office facilitates alumni benefits, communication, and alumni involvement in the College's operations. Alumni serve as adjunct faculty and clinic faculty. Alumni also promote the college in speaking engagements and are involved with bringing lecturers to the campus. They regularly receive college communications and attend campus events. In these various capacities, the Alumni have the opportunity to interact with the entire SCNM community. Alumni are also actively involved in student recruitment programs.

The Alumni Office is responsible for creating an environment that allows alumni to take full advantage of the College's academic programs. The purpose of the Alumni Office is to provide support and services to alumni, so that they may meet their personal and professional goals. The Alumni Office supports a positive learning community and positive experience by providing accessible communication and support, including dissemination of accurate, current and professional information for all students, strengthening the college community cooperation and communication among departments, student groups, faculty, administration, and alumni.

Transcript Request

To obtain either an official transcript or unofficial transcript, which is a chronological listing of a student's academic record completed at SCNM. Contact the Registrar's Office at or call 480.858.9100 x217 if you have questions.  

Click here for Official Transcript Request 

Click here for Unofficial Transcript Request 

Alumni Benefits

Life-long benefits are available to alumni of SCNM.

  • Alumni Survey Results: Results from past alumni surveys.  For more information please email  or call  480.858.9100 x296.
  • MySCNM Access: Access to course notes*, course slides*, chat rooms and faculty information online. Email or call  480.858.9100 x296. *Only available for courses offered at SCNM after 2003 and where instructor uploaded information.
  • Free Business Counseling with Small Business Development Centers: SBDC counselors, with real-life business ownership and management experience, are available for free one-on-one and confidential business guidance to assist alumni in fast-tracking plans to start-up and/or grow business practices.  Visit for a listing of centers near you and additional details.
  • College Event Discounts: SCNM alumni enjoy discounted admission at select functions, receptions and events hosted by SCNM and 20% off at the SCNM Medicinary. For more information email or call  480.858.9100 x296.
  • Preview of Job Opportunities: A sneak preview of the most recent and hot job opportunities for SCNM alumni is available on
  • Career Center Services: Obtain career assistance in pursuing and creating career opportunities.  Contact Debbi Taylor at or 480.858.9100 x311
  • Subscription to SCNM Publications and the Alumni Newsletter.  For more information email or update your contact information here.
  • Posting Presentations: Posting of Alumni Presentations and Speaking Engagements on the SCNM's Website. For more information email the Marketing Department: or call  480.858.9100 x224.
  • Loan Consolidation Guidance: Information on Loan Consolidation After Graduation. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at or call 480.858.9100 x202
  • Profile Update: Continue to receive periodic updates from the Alumni office by ensuring that your contact information is up to date. Please go to Personal Info (at the top of your screen), click on the Biographical Information tab. Edit your address/profile by clicking on the little pencil.  You can also send updated information directly to or click here to fill out the Update Contact form.
  • Alumni Announcements: Submit announcements or a profile for publication in the Alumni Newsletter to the Alumni Office at or call 480.858.9100 x296 for more information.