Basic Health and Counseling Services

Graduate school is an exciting challenge but sometimes it can all get a little overwhelming. To support our community's emotional and physical well-being, Sonoran University has contracted with The Virtual Care Group to provide virtual counseling and basic medical health services to all our current students. Features include:

  • 100% confidential appointments
  • Available 24/7 on an unlimited basis.
  • Crisis Management Coaches for urgent situations.
  • Life Coaching Services for longer term goals like weight loss or stress reduction.
  • Ability to select a broad range of individualized features such as characteristics and specialties of your therapist, even language of counselors.
  • Prompt turnaround for appointments.
  • Get official documentation for absences.
  • Prescriptions, if needed, sent directly to your Pharmacy.

Sign up today for your account, so the myriad of options available will be ready whenever you need it. (Note: For account set up, Sonoran's zip code is 85282.)

If you have any additional questions about the counseling and health services program, please contact the Dean of Students at

General Wellness Resources

eLearning Strategies

For more tips, try these eLearning articles.


Mental Health and Personal Safety



Online Support Groups for Mental Health:


Tools and Apps for Mental Health:

  • 7cups app and online resource that lets you chat with a trained listener for emotional support and counseling. It also offers online therapy with a licensed mental health professional. Services are also offered in Spanish.
  • Psych Central online mental health resources, quizzes, news, and an “Ask the Therapist” function.




Emergency Food and Shelter

Food Pantries in Arizona and Nationally:


Pet Food Resources:


Mobile Produce Market:


Housing and Shelter Resources:

There are also other valley-wide organizations.


Financial and Material Support

For a more extensive List of Resources.


Veterans and Military Services

  • AZ 211 - Veterans & Military Services AZ 211 offers veterans and military personnel resources for locating services, programs, and hotlines.
  • Veterans First, Ltd. Helps vulnerable veterans in the metro Phoenix area who are in need of getting the essentials delivered to them. Financial donations from the public are greatly appreciated
  • Be Connected A resource for veterans, service members, family members, providers, and helpers to seek information, support, and resources
  • Veterans National Homeless Call Center: 1‐877‐424‐3838


Parent and Guardians

Teaching and Learning


Mental Health Children



Things to do


  • Entertainment Picks to Help Pass the TimeWe have the cure for your social distancing boredom. Check out this huge list of movie, TV, book, music, and podcast recommendations from CX users!
  • How to Beat Cabin Fever: Social distancing may be a scary (or boring) prospect for students, but these options can help you make the most of your time at home and avoid getting cabin fever. 

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