Students are automatically registered in core courses and labs during pre-registration each term. Students will receive an email reminder along with specific instructions relevant to their year and Program of Study from the Office of the Registrar. 

Each term students must complete the Registration Term Agreement to verify their intent to continue in the program.

If you have any questions about registration, please email  If additional support is needed, the Registrar's Office can be reached via telephone at 480-222-9217.  The Registrar's Office is open Monday though Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  The office is typically closed daily between 12:30 and 1:30 PM.  All times listed are in Arizona Time.

You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.

Registration information is sent to your SCNM email each term prior to online registration by the Registrar's Office.  Specific instructions are included on how to register for selectives.  You may also access instructions here.

Before accessing Online Registration:
1.  Students will be required to accept the Registration Term Agreement during each registration.

2.  Students will be required to review and/or update their personal information (for on-campus students, required during fall term registration only; for distance learning, required each quarter).


ND Program Only

Special Instructions for Registering for the RSCH 6600 and 6914 Selectives:

Send an email to Dr. Langland ( from your SCNM email account. Subject line must be: RSCH 6600 [or RSCH 6914] Registration Request.

For RSCH 6600: Include the number of credits requested (usually 1-2 credits; maximum 3 credits with special permission). Students may take up to 8 credits total in this course.

For RSCH 6914: This is a 1-credit course (it is also a prerequisite for RSCH 6924, which can be added online)


How do I request a change to a course / lab section?

Students have been randomly assigned and pre-registered for all didactic courses and lab sections. Students have been evenly distributed among course sections; therefore, you need to trade with a classmate to change your schedule.

Didactic Trades: (Clinic trades are handled through Dr. Dusty Sowards, Clinical Coordinator)

Students are welcome to seek a trade with a classmate for a different course/lab section. However, be aware that there are several courses held at the same time—so you’ll need to make sure the trade will work for both of you.

Follow this process:

  • E-mail your classmates with a subject line similar to the following (Please be sure to include the course code and section numbers as shown below):

       Email Subject:  Have CLPR 5020.02L; would like .03 or .01

  • Once you have a trading partner, send your request to (you must cc your trading partner as that serves as verification that you are both willing to trade).
  • Please include all relevant details, especially the course code with section number (not the day and time). We will then process your trade request.

Students may submit a request to add, drop, or trade a course by sending an email from the student's SCNM email account to Other requests--such as records changes, incomplete grades, and VA Yellow Ribbon scholarship applications--require submission of a signed form as posted below.

Title Description File type

Use this form to request a grade of Incomplete for a course. Complete the first part, then take/email to your faculty member who will complete/sign the 2nd part of the form. Submit to the Registrar's Office.

You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.