Build and Create
Animoto  - videos
Inform  - interactive story
PowerPoint Design  - design with brain in mind
Smilebox  - slideshows
Sploder  - educational games
Storify  - story with photo and video
Storytron  - interactive game to tell story
Wordle  - word clouds
Xtranormal  - movies
Citation Manager
Citation Generation
Group Work Sharing    
Delicious - share web link
Dropbox - share file
Wiggio - group collaboration   
Education Portal - free courses - conferences and events
Khan Academy
National Teachers Initiative - NPR Storycorps
- presentations by remarkable people

DRT - many digital tools, grouped together by function
Eberly Center - Carnegie Mellon enhance teaching 
FireDrum  - mass mailing
FreeSound  - audio sounds
Glogster  - blogging
Mindmeister  - mind mapping 
Pixlr  - photo editing
Scribblar  - whiteboard