Graduate School is a time of great change and personal growth. It can be satisfying, exciting, and sometimes challenging. For some students, there are times when the demands and excitement may feel overwhelming. Typical stressors include: transition to college, academic and career concerns, social/peer relationships, romantic relationships, family issues, and financial problems. Sometimes, students don't have the internal or external resources to effectively manage the stress they are experiencing. 

In the interest of supporting our community's emotional well-being, SCNM has contracted with Southwest Behavioral Health Services (SBH) to provide counseling services to our students. Currently enrolled students are eligible for up to 6 sessions with the Counselor per unique issue.

Southwest Behavioral Health is also there to help with any acute, long-term issues as well. We want to support you in finding the appropriate resources for your situation, as easily as possible. After an initial consultation, the SBH Counselor can help to guide you to right resources, from a Psychiatrist /Psychologist to Inpatient Residential Services. Whatever you situation, there are a myriad of options available through our partnership with SBH.

If you have any additional questions about the counseling program, please contact the Dean of Students at

Schedule Your Intake Appointment with the SBH Counselor Today

Please contact and include the following information in your email:


-Phone Number

-Email address

-Best time to contact you

-If you would have a preference of counselors (Person of Color, Male/Female, etc.) This option is for TeleMed counselors only.

A Southwest Behavior Health Services Scheduler will be in contact with you within 2 business days to schedule the next available appointment. Appointments can be either in person on campus in the SCNM Medical Center or Online through their TeleMed program. (NOTICE: Due to the current pandemic, all appointments are TeleMed until full campus operations resume.)

Please be aware that the first session will be more informational as the counselor determines the best course of action for your situation. Counseling services are meant for non-acute issues and not emergencies. If you are in crisis, especially after hours, please do not wait for an appointment. Call 911 for immediate assistance.