Graduate School is a time of great change and personal growth. It can be satisfying, exciting, and sometimes challenging. For some students, there are times when the demands and excitement may feel overwhelming, or even cause illness.  Often students don't have the internal or external resources to effectively manage these medical issues alone.   

In the interest of supporting our community's emotional and physical well-being, SCNM has contracted with The Virtual Care Group to provide virtual counseling and basic medical health services to our students. This service is open, 24/7 to all currently enrolled students on an unlimited basis. Some of the great features of this program include ability to pick individual characteristics, specialization, and even language of counselors, rapid turn around for doctor's appoints, the ability to get notes of absence and even prescriptions sent to the pharmacy. Sign up today for your account, even if you don't need services today. They will be ready when you are. (Please use the School's Zip Code of 85282 for account set up.)

In addition to counseling and health services, The Virtual Care Group is also there for you in times of crisis, where they can direct you to help in a more urgent manner or just some life coaching when you are trying to meet those resolutions to get healthier, for example. Whatever you situation, there are a myriad of options available through our partnership with TVCG.

If you have any additional questions about the counseling and health services program, please contact the Dean of Students at

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