The Sonoran University on-campus printing system is called iPrint and is powered by PaperCut.  iPrint allows students, faculty and staff, to copy, scan (to Sonoran University email), and print from multi-function devices across campus.

On-campus program students are gifted a printing allowance every term.  This allowance has no cash value.  Please see the iPrint FAQ page for details.

Print to Email

You can submit documents for printing by including them as attachments and emailing them for print:

  • Students:  Compose an email message with any subject from your Sonoran University email account and address to:

  • Faculty/Staff:  Compose an email message with any subject from your Sonoran University email account and address to:

  • The following file types are supported for printing
    • Image files (*.jpg, *.bmp, *.png, *.gif, etc.)
    • Microsoft Word (*.docx)
    • Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx)
    • Microsoft Powerpoint (*.pptx)
    • Adobe PDF (*.pdf)
    • Multiple files/documents can be submitted in one email message

  • Documents can be submitted by email on or off-campus.  When on campus, badge into a printer to print.
  • Documents are printed in their entirety, i.e., you cannot specify a page range to print.
  • You will get an email confirmation of your submission request.
  • After sending the email message, log into any printer by tapping your badge to the printer badge reader and retrieve/print your content.
  • Students - only black and white printing is supported.
  • You can submit multiple attachments for printing in a single email message.

Printing from your Computer/Device

Faculty and Staff:  Your Sonoran University -provided computer is configured for iPrint.  You can print your content directly to specified printers.  We recommend, however, that you print to the Follow-Me-Employees print queue on your computer.  You can securely retrieve your print job by badging into any employee-accessible printer across the campus.

Students:  You can install Sonoran University on-campus printers on your personal device.  Current devices supported include:

  • Windows computer.
  • Mac computer.
  • IOS device (iPhone, iPad).
  • Android device (phone/tablet).
  • Chromebook installation is available but is not fully supported.  Your specific device may or may not print successfully.

Installing the Printing System on your Personal Device

To install Sonoran University on-campus printing on your device, please complete the following:

  • While on campus, connect your device to the Sonoran University Student wireless network (or Admin wireless  network for employees).
  • Visit the printer installation tool by navigating your browser to:
    • Note:  Your web browser may report this site as not secure - please ignore and proceed with the installation process.
  • Follow the instructions provided for your specific device (you can view device installation guidelines for all devices by clicking on the appropriate device icon.
  • Note:  You will be prompted for your Sonoran University credentials to print - please enter your email address and password.
  • Should your Sonoran University email account password change, you will need to re-enter it into all devices from which you print or retrieve email.

Students have access to two print queues:

  • Follow-Me-Students - print in monochrome at any student-accessible printer across the campus.
  • Follow-Me-Students-Color - submit print jobs for color printing and retrieve at Copy Center (located in the Academic Building).  NoteIncreased print charges apply.

Print jobs are held in the printing system for up to 12 hours.  Any jobs not printed during that time are automatically deleted.



Advantages for students:

  • You will be able to print from your own laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, an physically print the document on any student accessible printer on campus.
  • Scan documents to your email.
  • You will be able to track your environmental impact including paper and energy consumption along with the carbon footprint of you printing.


Advantages for Faculty & Staff

  • If you are in a Conference room or another building, no more hunting for the right printer, just print to your “follow me printer’, and release the job with your ID card at the nearest printer.
  • Scan to email is now simpler than every with easy directory lookup, and your own email address defaulted as the “to” recipient.
  • You will be able to track your environmental impact including paper and energy consumption and the carbon footprint of your printing.


Check out your environmental impact

We encourage environmental responsibility when printing content - the link below allows you to monitor your environmental impact.