Dear SCNM User,


SCNM is consolidating resources and offering a connect anywhere solution to access email and productivity tools.  At the beginning of June, we began to transition to Microsoft’s Office 365 online productivity suite.  Many technical changes are occurring in the background, but you should notice only a few minor differences including the way in which you log in.


How will this affect you?  You will now have access to your email and Office 365 Productivity tools from any workstation with Internet access!


How will this affect others emailing you? 
Nothing is changing how others email you.  Your email address will remain the same:
 *(please use the email address assigned to you if it is not in this format)


What changes will you notice? 

1.  Mobile Devices:  A reconfiguration of your Mobile Device is required.

  1. Delete the SCNM mail profile that is on your mobile device.
  2. Click on the link below, locate your mobile device and follow the associated directions.


Windows Phone (

iPhone (

iPad (

Android phone and tablet (


Additionally you can download the Microsoft Outlook App from your phones app store.  Once the app is downloaded simply enter your scnm email address ( and password and the app will auto configure  your email account.





  1. Webmail:  You can continue to securely access your e-mail from any location on the Internet via the Office 365 Web App portal.  It provides full access to your Outlook Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, Notes, and Tasks.  If you simply want to check mail, calendars, etc., this is quickest and easiest method.  


When you access the Office 365 Outlook Web App Portal:,you will see:

Enter your Email Address (i.e. and Password to Sign In


You may have accessed what is commonly referred to as Outlook Web App (OWA).
The URL – is the old OWA Internet landing page that will continue to function for a limited time.  It will be replaced with the Office 365 Web App Portal that appears on page 2.





Thank You for your patience during this transition.





Questions and Support

If you require assistance, call the Helpdesk.

Support Numbers

  1. SCNM Helpdesk                        480-222-9329– HelpDesk                            – Name PlaceHolder


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