Proper disclosure is an essential part of FERPA compliance.  Follow these guidelines to ensure you are providing confidential information to the appropriate individual. 

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Remember - When in doubt - don't give it out! 

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This handout provides important information on the Do's and Don'ts for protecting students' educational records and their rights.  It's the law and your responsibility to know students' rights under FERPA.

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If a student places a hold on their SCNM record, it means that we can not release ANY information on the student to anyone outside the organization.  If someone asked about this student the correct response is - "I have no information on that individual".  

Faculty would see this as noted in the handout under the Grade Entry portal, other SCNM administrative staff should contact the office of the Registrar before providing ANY information on ANY student to ANY individual outside of the College.

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Incoming students are provided information on FERPA rights during New Student Orientation. 

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The Dept. of Education details student's rights and how to maintain compliance with FERPA law. 

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