The SCNM Alumni Newsletter is the official alumni communication from SCNM.  To receive the Alumni Newsletter please make sure your current email address is on file with the alumni office. To update your email please click here. If you have news or information to share (such as a publication, research, or even an anniversary, birth or office move - we'd love to hear about it). Please reach out to the alumni office at To view this year's newsletters please see the PDF versions posted below.

2021 Newsletters

  • In the Spotlight: Dr. Turshá Hamilton (SCNM, 2009) and Dr. Keshia Tate (SCNM, 2017)
  • Sound Healing Session with Kemet - Recording
  • Thanking Joanna Hagan for Twenty Years of Service!
  • SCNM Alumni Association Updates
  • Ric Scalzo Institute for Botanical Research Update
  • Thank you, Jigsaw Health!
  • SCNM Library Services for Alumni
  • CME Opportunities
  • - HOT Jobs
  • Practice for Sale!
  • Alumni Milestones
  • Promote Your Practice on the NEW!
  • Get Back to Your Roots
    • Admissions Office: PAID Position: Help Admissions Interview Candidates for the ND program
    • Financial Aid
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  • In the Spotlight: Dr. Nichole Shiffler (2013), Dr. Lauren Salisbury (2016), and Dr. Shantele Johnston (2019)
  • SCNM Exclusive Event: Overcoming Transgender Bias in Health Care: Dr. Scope
  • A Note from your NEW Career Services Manager: Debbi Taylor
  • Ric Scalzo Institute for Botanical Research Update 
  • In Case you Missed it: SCNM's Inclusive Excellence Campaign 
  • A Big Thank You from SCNM's Addmissions Team 
  • Students Looking for Community Service Opportunites 
  • CME Opprotunites 
  • Hot Jobs
  • There is Still Time to Give: SCNM Sage Foundation 
  • Alumni Milestone
  • Promote Your Pactice on the New
  • SCNM Alumni Association Updates 
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  • In the Spotlight: Dr. Maresha Abers
  • Congratulations, Class of Spring 2021
  • Exclusive Alumni Campus Tour
  • Call for Nominees for the 2021 Alumni Awards
  • Upcoming University Feedback Opportunities
  • Neil Riordan Center for Regenerative Medicine Update
  • Field Observation Program Opportunity for SCNM Naturopathic Medical Students
  • CME Opportunities
  • - HOT Jobs
  • Alumni Milestones
  • Promote Your Practice on the NEW
  • SCNM Library Services for Alumni
  • SCNM Alumni Association Updates
(.pdf, 498K)
  • In the Spotlight: SCNM's 2021 Alumni Award Winners
  • Thank you, Dr. Feria!
  • New Program Announcement
  • Help Students with Field Observation Opportunities
  • CME Opportunities
  • Hot Jobs
  • Promote your practice on the NEW
  • SCNM Alumni Association Updates
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2020 Newsletters

  • Dr. Paul Mittman Scholarship
  • Call for Nominees for the 2020 SCNM Alumni Awards!
  • Sage Foundation
  • Educational Updates - Honors Tracks
  • CME Opportunities
  • Happening on Campus
  • - HOT Jobs
  • Alumni Milestones
  • Get back to your roots!
  • Update your contact info!
  • Help Support Your Alumni Association!
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  • In the Spotlight: Dr. Kiera Lane
  • Alumni Promotions on Campus!
  • Call for Nominees for the 2020 SCNM Alumni Awards!
  • SCNM Medicinary is here for you!
  • Telemedicine Information Links
  • SCNM Newsroom and Daily Dose Podcast!
  • CME Opportunities
  • - HOT Jobs
  • Alumni Milestones
  • Get back to your roots!
  • Help Support Your Alumni Association!
(.pdf, 2944K)
  • SCNM's Discussion on Race, Equality, and Inclusion
  • Diversity and Equality Resources 
  • Watch: Dr. Mittman's Town Hall - Systemic Racism; 2020 Summer and Fall Quarters
  • CME Opportunities 
  • Webinars
  • Hot Jobs!
  • Call for Alumni Award Nominations
(.pdf, 328K)
  • In the Spotlight: Dr. Krishna and Asia Muhammad
  • Update: SCNM's Plan for Race, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the SCNM Community 
  • Alumni Promotions on Campus
  • SCNM Alumni Association Updates
  • SCNM's FREE Financial Aid Webinar
  • Ric Scalzo Instatute for Botanical Research 
  • SCNM's Sage Foundation
  • CME Opportunities
  • HOT Jobs
  • SCNM Library Services for Alumni
  • Promote Your Practice on the NEW
(.pdf, 539K)
  • In the Spotlight: Authors of "The Quarantine Kitchen Cookbook: Staying Healthy While Staying Home"
  • See What You Missed at These SCNM Exclusive Events!
  • SCNM Alumni Association Updates
  • Support the SCNM Sage Foundation through Arizona Charitable Tax Credit
  • CME Opportunities
  • -  HOT Jobs
  • Alumni Milestones
  • Promote Your Practice on the NEW!
  • Get Back to Your Roots
  • We Remember These Beautiful Souls
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2019 Newsletters

  • SCNM Hosting the Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine
  • Alumni Association Board and Officer Nominations
  • Research Night Recap
  • Dr. Christianson Book Presentation
(.pdf, 3731K)
  • SCNM Alumna - Dr. Thacker
  • The Environment Health Symposium 2019
  • Alumni Association Board and Officer Nominations
  • SCNM's own Dr. Stephanie Seitz in the HBO documentary 
  • Help Support Your Alumni Association! Alumni T-Shirts
  • Hot Jobs for April 2019
  • Industry News 
  • CME Credits Around the Country
  • Dr. Mittman and SCNM's Newest Campus Editions
    30/30 Health Podcast Hosted by SCNM Alumnus Guillermo Ruiz, NMD
  • SCNM in the News
(.pdf, 316K)
  • Alumni Associations Elections
  • Recognize Our ND Alumni - Nominate an All-Star Alumnus Today!
  • Alumni Acknowledgement
  • AANP 2019 Annual Convention
  • DC FLI 2019
  • CME Opportunities
  • - Hot Jobs
(.pdf, 362K)
  • SCNM Alumna Dr. Tara Peyman
  • 2019 Alumni Association Board Members
  • Dr. Lisa Richardson Scholarship
  • Meet Your New Alumni Relations Coordinator
  • Thank You, Dr. Nick
  • Welcome our New Dean, School of Nutrition
  • CME Opportunities & Webinars
  • - HOT Jobs
  • Alumni Milestones
  • SCNM Campus Events
  • Inspire Future NDs
(.pdf, 485K)
  • Alumni Promotions on Campus
  • Discovery Day Alumni
  • Save the Date! AANP 2020 Conference 
  • August NPLEX II Results
  • CME Opportunities
  • - HOT Jobs
  • Alumni Milestones
  • Get Back to Your Roots
  • SCNM Library Services for Alumni
  • Inspire Future NDs or Host an SCNM Resident!
  • Help Support Your Alumni Association!  
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2018 Newsletters

  • Alumni Profile: Drew Timmermans
  • Launch of Corporate Wellness Training Program


(.pdf, 432K)
  • Alumni Profile:  Ann Lovick
  • AZNMA Mentor Program - Free CME Credits



(.pdf, 614K)
  • Alumni Profile: Jennifer Havens
  • Dr. Stefanie Seitz HBO Documentary Interview




(.pdf, 1366K)
  • Alumni Profile: 2018 SCNM Alumni Award Winners Guillermo Ruiz, Brad Smith, and Eli Camp
  • 2018 AANP President Award Winners: Drs. Sean Hesler and Sarah Preston-Hesler
  • Alumni Association: Giving Campaign and T-Shirt Fundraiser
(.pdf, 1182K)
  • Alumni Profile: Amy Duong
  • Dr. Lisa Richardson Scholarship (in memory of)
(.pdf, 256K)
  • AzNMA Fall Medical Education Conference
  • Opioid Addiction CME Intensive at SCNM
  • SCNM Job Fair
(.pdf, 838K)
  • Alumni Profile - Jillian Smithers (2016)
  • Neil Riordan Center for Regenerative Medicine
  • 2018 Alumni Survey Results
(.pdf, 1174K)

2017 Newsletters

  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Michael Walker
  • Massachusetts Licensure
(.pdf, 299K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Tonya Russell
  • 10th Community Clinic under construction: Roosevelt 
(.pdf, 369K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Ubong Attah Prince
  • New Alumni Logo
  • HLC Site Visit
(.pdf, 309K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Steven Sorr
  • New Alumni Association Officers
  • SCNM's First Job fair


(.pdf, 580K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Jillian Finker
  • Roosevelt Grand Opening
(.pdf, 460K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Korey DiRoma
  • Recap: SCNM's First Job Fair
(.pdf, 533K)
  • Alumni Profile: Award Winners Dr. Steven Katz, Dr. Jonci Jensen, Dr. Nasha Winters
  • Recap of Alumni Annual Reception/Graduation/Senior Week
(.pdf, 1165K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Jacob Wolf
  • AZNMA Mentor and CME Opportunity
  • Alumni Association Survey Results
(.pdf, 489K)


(.pdf, 418K)

2016 Newsletters

  • Alumni Profile: Meet Dr. Sean Hesler
  • 2016 Inspiring Career Presentations
(.pdf, 320K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Rebecca Ford
  • SCNM: Winner of the City of Tempe's MLK Diversity Award
(.pdf, 361K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Krystal Tellier
  • Treating Patients During Cold and Flu Season
(.pdf, 384K)
  • Alumni Profile: Meet Dr. Sarah Kotzur
  • Inspirational Night With Kenya's First Lady
(.pdf, 402K)
  • Alumnus Profile: Dr. John A Robinson
  • 3 SCNM Alumni were voted top doctors in the naturopathic medicine section of Phoenix Magazine
(.pdf, 260K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. John Oertle
  • Natural Awakenings and Green Living both featured SCNM alumni in recent articles
(.pdf, 799K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Mark Strom
  • Dr. Kelly Bender talks about 'Health Hacks' in a new podcast 
(.pdf, 456K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Nasha Winters
  • Alumni guest appearances in videos posted by Natural Projects INSIDER
(.pdf, 429K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Robert "Doc Rob" Streisfeld 
  • HLC accreditation site visit
(.pdf, 330K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Jennifer Bahr
  • Dr. Harry Adelson discusses stem cells/prolotherapy
(.pdf, 663K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Phranq Tamburri
  • Arizona Charitable Tax Credit/Sage Foundation
(.pdf, 547K)
  • Alumni Profile: Dr. Heidi Weinhold
  • SCNM recognized for lowest default rate, go alumni!
(.pdf, 354K)

Alumni Surveys

SCNM surveys its ND alumni every three years. The Alumni survey, and its results, is an important component of the College’s Institutional Assessment Plan. The survey focuses on the perceptions of alumni about the efficacy of their educational experience at SCNM and in their naturopathic medical degree program, as well as facts about their employment or career satisfaction. The institution can understand how alumni satisfaction grows or diminishes over time. Results of the surveys are helpful in the process of program reviews and curricular revision.


When you complete the alumni survey you are providing valuable assistance to your alma mater in developing useful information that will help us improve our program. Furthermore, we are trying to gather information in an attempt to offer prospective and current students an accurate profile of SCNM graduates.  The next SCNM Alumni Survey is scheduled to be administered in August of 2021.
Feel free to review and download survey instruments and results.  If you have any questions about the surveys posted, or for information on the next SCNM alumni survey, please contact the Alumni Office at 480-222-9203.

2018 ND Alumni Survey

2015 SCNM ND Alumni Survey

2006 SCNM ND Alumni Survey