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Welcome to MySCNM Campus Life. This portal is accessible to all College constituents including students, alumni, faculty and staff and is designed to keep you up to date with the College and offer many features and resources to you.

Academic Departments
CLPR Admin Group
CNME subcommittee mission
Handout Seminar
Academic Interest Areas
Naturopathic Research Club
Nutritional Info
Administrative Offices
Marketing Task Force
Classic Groups
NMSA-Naturopathic Medical Student Association
Autism Study
Basic Naturopathy
Biological Medicine Organization
Cadaver 1
Cadaver 2
Cadaver 3
Cadaver 4
Cadaver 5
Cardiovascular Disease Review
Career Center
Class of '15
Clinic Curriculum
College Bowl
Competency Development Retreat
F2007 class
Grand Rounds
Group Study Number 1
Homeopathy Research Group
Naturopathic Society
Naturopathic Student Midwife Collective
Naturopreneur Society
Pathways Tuesday Homeopathy Group
Pathways Tuesday nite Homeopathy
Peds Journal Club
SGA-Student Government Association
SOT Club
Sports Medicine
Student Library Committee
Student Pediatric Forum
Clinical Rotations
Clinical Pearls
Dr Axelrod Wed afternoon
Dr Tran Thursday AM
Dr. Gaines - Thursday Night Rotation
Friday Afternoon (Jensen) Homeopathy Rotation
Gaines Friday Rotation
Gaines Wed rotation
Messer Wednesday Evening rotation
Monday Afternoon (Oskin) Homeopathy Rotation
Presentations from Volk Shift
Stage rotation Friday mornings
Stage shift Monday morning
Thursday Evening (Messer) Homeopathy Rotation
Tuesday Evening (Messer) Homeopathy Rotation
Turner Clerkship
Udell Friday Afternoon Clinic Rotation
Udell Tuesday Evening Clinic Rotation
Wednesday Evening (Ham) Homeopathy Rotation
Wednesday Morning Groves Rotation Group
Cultures & Community
Association of Native American Medical Students
Naturopathic Conversation Alive!
Naturopaths Without Borders
Peer Mentor Group
Staff Senate
Student Advancement Team
Student Parent of Young Kids
Student Parents of School Aged Kids
The Yearbook Club (Working Title)
Veterans Support Services
Education & Training
Applied Kinesiology
Class of 2012 Study Group
Class of 2014 Hollar Out Page
DDC Academic Resources
Dr. Hazel's Seminars
Naturopathic Philosophy Seminar
Residency Program Committee
Standard Process
Teaching Assistants
Class of 2013 Media
Health & Wellness
Ayurveda Organization (AO)
Diabetes Forum
Drainage Club
Earth Mind Body Soul
Energia Club
Healing Kitchen Laboratory (Raw & Living Foods)
The NEW Diabetes Forum
Twin Hearts Meditation
West Side Women's Group
Class of 2015
Class of 2016 (starting Fall '12)
Clinic Entry Preparation CLTR 4300
Health Disparities
HLC 2009
HLC 2017 Site Visit
Master Plan Ideas Sharing Group
Mission Subcommittee: HLCC/CNME Accreditation
Primary Status Exam and CLTR 4500 Group
Student Vendor Rep Info
Writers Guild
Professional Organizations
Natural Speakers
Student Veterans of America
Fall 2017
Fall 2017 Didactic Course Schedule (.xls, 2355K)
Summer 2017 Required & Recommended Textbooks (.xlsx, 255K)
Summer 2017 Didactic Course Schedule (.xls, 211K)
Summer 2017 Final Exam Schedule (.xls, 62K)
2017-2018 Selectives (.xlsx, 13K)
MNGT Weekend Intensive Class Schedule 2016-2017

                                  Saturday dates of MNGT intensive courses

Spring 2017

MNGT 7030 ~ Q9 & Q11  - class meets Saturday, April 15, 2017 - 9am - 1pm

MNGT 8040 ~ Q14 - class meets Saturday, April 15, 2017 & Saturday May 20, 2017 - 10am - 2pm


Summer 2017

MNGT 6010 ~ Q6 & Q8  - class meets Saturday, August 5, 2017 & Saturday September 9, 2017 - 10am - 2pm

Downloadable Version (.docx, 14K)
Registration Options Selectives, Posts, Field Observation FAQ
Registration Selectives, Posts, Field Observation (rev. 4/2016) (.docx, 126K)
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