Temporary Conditions

Temporary conditions or injuries do not last long (typically 8 weeks or less), are not chronic, and have little or no outstanding or lasting effects. Temporary conditions or injuries lasting six months or less are not considered permanent disabilities and generally do not qualify as a disability under federal or state laws. SCNM does recognize that temporary conditions and injuries can be problematic and may adversely affect a student’s ability to fully participate in class. This website is designed to inform students with these conditions of strategies and resources which may be beneficial.

Should a temporary condition have continued lasting effects (examples might include concussive syndrome or complications due to surgery that cause permanent injury), then the SCNM Accessibility Office (SAO) should be contacted for a consultation and an intake interview.


Examples of Temporary Conditions or Injuries:

  • A sprained or broken hand, finger, leg, or other joint that will heal completely within a few weeks or months.
  • Minor or non-chronic medical conditions or disorders that last more than a few weeks.
  • Medical conditions that last several weeks without lasting effects.
  • Surgeries that temporarily impact a student in a course without lasting effects.
  • Condition caused by an accident or injury that will heal under six months’ time with no lasting effects.


For students with temporary conditions or injuries, it is important that you contact the Dean of Students Office to discuss your situation, or simply email the SCNM Accessibility Office at