Characterization of botanicals which modulate immune activity, including cellular activation, cytokine induction, signal transduction, and receptor binding


Alterations in Cellular Gene Expression in Response to Immuno-Modulatory Botanicals

Our researchers are working with botanicals to characterize how they alter the immune response, both in the laboratory and in human subjects. From this, we can evaluate what cells are activated by different botanicals and which genes are altered in expression. This allows a better understanding of what effects these botanicals will have on the immune system and if they are most effective against viral, bacterial or other pathogens.

Denzler, K.L., Waters, R.F., Jacobs, B.L., Rochon, Y., and Langland, J.O. (2010). Regulation of inflammatory gene expression by immunostimulatory botanicals. PLoS ONE 5 :e12561.


Botanicals as Adjuvants to Increase Safety and Efficacy of Vaccines 

In coordination the “Alterations in Cellular Gene Expression in Response to Immuno-Modulatory Botanicals” project, SCNM is investigating how these botanicals could increase the efficacy of vaccines by modulating the immune response. These results may support the use of botanicals during vaccination to decrease the incidence of side effects.