The Alumni Association is the official association of Sonoran University Health Sciences graduates. The alumni association organizes social events, raises funds for the association and provides a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to Sonoran University and fellow graduates. For more information, please contact the Alumni Association President via email (listed below) or Sonoran University administration at alumni@sonoran.edu.


Mission Statement 

We promote the validity and efficacy of naturopathic medicine on numerous, relevant platforms. We strategically inform and educate the public about Naturopathic Medicine. We are intentional about providing alumni with medical practice/business development and management skills for sustained success. We cultivate and nurture relationships with alumni and current and future students establishing genuine connection and support at Sonoran University of Health Sciences. 


Elected and General Members 

Elected Members General Members

President, Amanda Alexander, ND


Vice President, De Adrea Fontaine, ND


Karthik Ramanan, NMD

Michael Whitney, ND

Tracy Wooten, NMD

Marcus Shams, ND

Cara Sandell, MSCN

Michele Fanelli, MSCN