We hope you, your families, patients and colleagues well.  Please know that your Alma Mater is here to assist you however we can during this pandemic.  Below is a list of the most up-to-date resources that we’ve gathered to help you and your practices with the business and financial impacts of Covid-19. Please note, SCNM is not affiliated with any of the provided resources.

If you need assistance finding information, please email me at a.hohman@scnm.edu.


CARES Act Information

CARES Act - Section by Section

CARES Act Summary


Telemedicine Resources

Arizona Telemedicine Program

Telemedicine Checklist

Telemedicine Tool Kit

Telemedicine Advisor Information


Financial Aid Office 

Department of Education Announcements


Resources for Employers

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Resources 


Signage to Post at Your Clinics

Cover Your Cough

Feeling Sick?

Sanitizer- How to Hand Rub

How to Hand Wash


Clinician Forms

Clinician Fact Sheet

Arizona State Public Health Laboratory Testing Matrix  

Person Under Investigation (PUI) and Case Report Form


Procedures for Handling Patients Presenting with Fever or Acute Illness

Isolation Procedure


Safety Precautions for Clinicians and Office Staff

CDC Corona Virus Checklist



Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Webpage



ND Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Webpage


Links to Federal and Arizona Government Resources

CDC, AZDHS, Who.int, NH.gov


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For more resources to help during this challenging time please click here.