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The Sonoran University Alumni Association's Alumni Business Buds Podcast!

The Sonoran University Alumni Association is pleased to announce our NEW podcast series, Alumni Business Buds, featuring Sonoran University Alumni sharing valuable business information. 

Why we created this series: 

•    To highlight different business models, strategies, and opportunities
•    To reignite excitement about what we do and how we can make a huge impact
•    To showcase the success of our alumni and to inspire new possibilities within the profession
•    To give back to our community through a platform that supports information sharing
•    To stir up interest in the Alumni Association and the activities we are doing
•    To share information in a way that's easily accessible and easy to listen to "on the go"

Please click here to listen to the first episode! 

Alumni Business Buds Episode 1: Dr. Samm Pryce, ND & Dr. Amanda Alexander, ND
In this episode, Dr. Pryce shares insights about setting up and operating a concierge practice and strategies for practicing in licensed and unlicensed states.

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