New Student Orientation: Your Natural Advantage will be held on:

  • September 28 - October 2, 2020 (fall start)

Attendance is mandatory the entire week. Please contact Ken Donnelly, the Dean of Students, if you must be absent for any of Orientation. You’ll receive more information about Orientation, including the agenda and what to bring, a few weeks prior to orientation.

Orientation includes special ceremonies, including the Talking Stick Sharing Circle. During this exercise, all students share their story of how they came to SCNM. A talking stick will be passed around the group for each student to attach a small article of personal significance. The stick will follow the class through the duration of your academic program. This is wonderful opportunity for sharing and getting to know your fellow classmates.

We ask all new students to bring a small article to attach to the stick. In the past, students have attached items such as: ribbons, necklaces, buttons, photos, shells, etc.

Fall 2020 Orientation FAQs

What am I expected to complete before New Student Orientation- Natural Advantage (NSO-NA) starting Mon., Sept. 28th?
We have an online orientation that you’re encouraged to complete prior to the start of the “in-person” (virtually) orientation at the end of September. You also have required reading to complete in addition to this orientation.

How long is the online orientation?
You should expect to invest 3-4 hours in this asynchronous orientation.

What is different about the online orientation & the end of Sept. NSO-NA?
The online orientation focuses on general “orienteering” pieces to navigate the institution…e.g. “Who do I ask a question about _____” or “What kind of technology do I need?” All of this is completed at your own pace (asynchronous) and does not include any “must attend at this time” sections. The September/early October NSO-NA event includes required attendance, “must attend” events of live, virtual content with faculty and staff of SCNM.

Why is it important to have the orientation completed?
During NSO-NA at the end of September, we will build upon the framework from this first, asynchronous offering. These are critical pieces to help you orient yourself for success in your program but can be completed at your leisure.

Can I complete the online orientation at my own pace?
YES. All of the online orientation is at your own pace; we’re opening it early to ensure you have lots of time to review, ask questions, and ensure the pieces you need are in place to begin class in October!

Is this the only to-do I have to check-off before I “attend” (virtually) the New Student Orientation at the end of September?
No. You also need to read the recommended texts.